Youth Ministry

A fossil is evidence that is left behind of something or someone that used to be alive. And for each and every one of us who have accepted Christ as our Savior, including teenagers, we are the remaining evidence of a living Savior who once lived on this earth. Although still alive today, Jesus has called us to be His hands, His feet, and an example of Himself to those around us. And at FOSSIL, we seek to remind each other of that so that we can be a godly influence at home, at school, and everywhere we go.


At FOSSIL, we seek to build Christian friendships within our Youth Group. We do this by monthly activities throughout the year. Activities such as bowling, Atlanta Braves baseball games, Six Flags, Midnight Madness at the Gym, Sunday Night Invasions (aka Going Out to Eat as a Group), and our Youth Gatherings. We also have two annual trips: Camp/Missions Trips in the summer and our Winter Trip in the winter. Check Out the Summer 2018 Youth Activity Schedule.

Here is the Permission Slip with Notary for Overnight Activities (such as Summer Camp, Winter Trip, Missions Trip, etc.).


We encourage mentoring relationships between our teenagers and the adult members of our church. We achieve this by teaching our students to respect those who are in authority as well as encouraging them to glean from the experience of those who have more experience than them.


We seek to connect each of our teenagers to a place of service within the church. Statistics show that 60% of teenagers quit attending church after their high school graduation. At FOSSIL, our goal is to build students who will become life-long servants of Christ. Towards that end, we provide opportunities for our teens to serve within the church. Whether it is in Children's Church, the Choir, Vacation Bible School, etc., we want each of them to find a place of service that will continue after their high-school career has ended.


And, most importantly, we seek to connect each teenager with Jesus Christ. Without Jesus as their Savior, we realize that teens merely have fun but their eternity hasn't been changed. We clearly present the Gospel many times throughout the year in our Sunday School Class at 9:45 AM and at our Youth Service at 6 PM at our Bible Camp. During these times, we present relevant lessons to the students who come to FOSSIL and encourage them to accept Christ as their Savior and continually grow in their relationship and knowledge of God.

 FOSSIL YOUTH: "Teenage Evidence of a Resurrected Savior."


If you have any questions about FOSSIL, please E-mail our Youth Pastor Stephen Sapp at